2023 – Cœurs Brisés Hôtel

Cœurs Brisés Hôtel

Une chambre d’hôtel.
Un crime.
Cinq femmes s’allient pour faire face



 « In this jubilant giallo, where the murder of a man federates a friendship between five women, all the clichés of the crime film are undermined: no female character is a victim, the police play no role and the men are useless. Emma Axelroud Bernard, who signs her first film, shows great inventiveness in her falsely pastiche use of the codes of the photo novel and the American film noir, and skillfully combines offbeat humor and feminist pamphlet »

(Sicilia Queer Filmfest)




Festivals et récompenses

mai 2023 – IndieLisboa International Film Festival

mai 2023 – Sicilia Queer film festival ∗∗ PRIX DU JURY PRIDE DI PALERMO ∗∗

août 2023 – Persona film festival, Lecce

oct 2023 – Iris Prize LGBTQ+ Film Festival

oct 2023 – Sentiero film festival, Firenze

oct 2023 – Festival International du Film de Valladolid ∗∗  MENTION SPÉCIALE DU JURY ∗∗

nov 2023 – Muff film festival, Mieres


«The Spanish film La imatge permanent, by debutant Laura Ferrés, has been proclaimed winner of the Golden Spike at the 68th Valladolid International Film Festival, an edition whose list of winners applauds a new lineup of female filmmakers: Alice Rohrwacher, Angela Schanelec, Molly Manning Walker, Vera Egito, Sara Summa, Nina Gantz, Alice Brygo, Sofia Exarchou, Reema Sengupta, Emma Axelroud-Bernard and the also Spanish Marina Alberti have seen their work recognized in the main categories of the festival’s official awards.»
(Valladolid International Film Festival)

un film de emma axelroud-bernard

avec: kimiko kitamura, elsa ‘etna’ madeleine, agathe paysant, naïs el fassi, farida assrih, ghislain décléty, noémie duclos, victor honta nathan herveux
voix: anna wanda rivière, laure marion, emma axelroud-bernard, clémentine lorieux, farida assrih
réalisation: emma axelroud-bernard
assistante réalisation: bérénice barbillat
scénario: emma axelroud-bernard
production: emma axelroud-bernard & gaijin films
productrice exécutive: noémie duclos
image: pauline pénichout
son: emma reverchon, nathan balut
scripte : emma colomes
montage: emma axelroud-bernard, nathan balut, bérénice barbillat
mixage : thomas fourel
musique: P.R2B